In 1918 the Somber Evangelical Lutheran Church was reorganized when the original congregation, organized in 1859, entered in to the Merger of 1917. The name of the congregation was given by Mrs. T. Torgerson. It is derived from a French word meaning”shady place”. Because of the Merger this group was without a church building.

The congregation worshiped in a temporary facility until 1929 when a church building in Latimer, Iowa (which had been given to the synod) was moved to the present location. The parish hall was constructed in 1953. A Christian Day School was operated 1905-64. The congregation joined the ELS in 1919. The congregation currently receives pastor services together with First Shell Rock (Northwood), Immanuel (Riceville), Lake Mills, and Lime Creek (Lake Mills).

The following pastors have served the congregation since its reorganization in 1918:

A. J. Torgerson (1918-39), N. S. Tjernagel (1939-40), M. Galstad (1940-45), J.B. Madson (1945-54), R. Newgard (1954-65), A. Merseth (1966-2001), K. Hermanson (2001-09) & E. Hoeft (2009-)